Aug. 5, 2020

Pony Pod - A Traveling Performers Podcast Featuring Diesel Darling

Pony Pod - A Traveling Performers Podcast Featuring Diesel Darling

"Danger Barbie" aka Diesel Darling sits down with MJ to talk about how she stumbled into the burly world through pole, sparkler tits, competing for Best Debut at BHOF and what it was like to travel half way across the world on relatively short notice.

Diesel Darling is a force to be reckoned with, it's no wonder her rise to stardom has been fast and furious. Affectionately known as the Danger Barbie, this full tank of gas fuses the classic with the unimaginably dangerous and yet she still manages to squeeze in a few laughs. Years of dance and theatre training combined with her love of champagne results in one beautifully bubbly showgirl. However this little Darling has a wild side (and an irrationally lacking sense of danger) resulting in an electrifying range of performance styles and skillsets. Known for high kicking to the heavens, splitting every which way possible, sparks grinding off her chest, swimming in giant glasses of champagne and draping herself in serpents, Diesel is sure to get your motor running and your engine purring. This smooth ride was just crowned Miss Burlesque Sydney, co-produces the rock n' roll Burlesque show Wanted and Wild and rocked the stage at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. Most recently Diesel wowed the crowds around Australia as headliner of The Australian Burlesque Festival 2018. Before the dreaded ISO, Diesel was set to embark on a European tour, headlining the Vienna Boylesque Festival 2020 (postponed - stay tuned!). So strap yourself in for one fuel injected show as you ride shotgun with Diesel Darling.


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