Aug. 19, 2020

Pony Pod - A Traveling Performers Podcast featuring Fay Loren

Pony Pod - A Traveling Performers Podcast featuring Fay Loren

Holland's biggest burlesque dancer Fay Loren sits down with MJ to talk about her newly upgraded gorgeous champagne glass, frequently cycling in town to shows, recovering from foot surgery, starting burlesque in high school, working with Ellen von Unwerth and artistic life in the Netherlands.

In 2007, Fay attended her first burlesque show at the young age of 16. The show, hosted in Amsterdam, showed her a world of gorgeous women of different ages and sizes performing a variety of burlesque acts. The acts weren’t just about glamour; they were performances based on the power of these women and empowering others. It was love at first sight, and from that moment Fay knew she wanted to be a professional burlesque dancer.

Fay began producing her own shows and acts, each with a special focus on elegance and style. She started performing around the world and quickly gained international acclaim. Her shows center around a singular goal: bring burlesque to a professional level and inspire other women along the way.


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