Sept. 30, 2020

Pony Pod - A Traveling Performers Podcast Featuring Kelsie Koziol

Pony Pod - A Traveling Performers Podcast Featuring Kelsie Koziol

World traveling multi-talented artist Kelsie Koziol sits down with MJ to discuss the intricacies of traveling with fire apparatus, touring over 18 countries, her experience of going over & performing as a solo artist in Dubai, providing dance support all over the world with the likes of Weezer, Kiss & Red Jump Suit Apparatus among others, how hard it is to make it as a full time performer as well as her vegan lifestyle and love of photography.

Kelsie Koziol is a woman of the world. Classically trained in the Russian Vaganova style of ballet as well as French aerialism + acro partnering, Kelsie has toured + performed in over 18 countries since shifting into the professional space seven years ago. 

After moving to Los Angeles, Kelsie learned + mastered several different skillsets, creating a dynamic performance repertoire for both events + tours alike. This list includes fire eating, duo-pole acts, salsa partnering, and consulting for circus-inspired productions. 

Growing up, Kelsie was a die-hard rock n’ roll fan, which comes as no surprise to KISS, Weezer, Stone Sour, and Steel Panther who’ve all casted her for their show openings. When Kelsie isn’t eating fire on a rock star’s lap, you can find her cheffing-up delicious vegan meals for friends and taking photos with her Nikon fm2 both on and off set.


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