Nov. 25, 2020

Pony Pod - A Traveling Performers Podcast Featuring Lacy Knickers

Pony Pod - A Traveling Performers Podcast Featuring Lacy Knickers

Lacy Knickers, who also performs as Nick Lacy, sits down with MJ to talk about Booklover's Burlesque, producing, handling a medical emergency in a country where you do not speak the language, creating a Living History series, playwriting, "Fuck - it goes with the erotica" and Target luggage, to name a few.

Bringing vintage class and naughty sass is the award-winning international Bookish Babe and the Bard of Burlesque...Lacy Knickers! Lacy Knickers is a graduate of both the Rose City School of Burlesque and All That Glitters Burlesque Academy in Portland, Oregon. They have performed up and down the west coast in Oregon, Washington, and California and have appeared in both the 2016 and 2019 Oregon Burlesque Festival, the 2017 Hollywood Burlesque Festival, the 2019 Bohemian Burlesque Festival in Prague, and the December 2018 Wunder Kabarett in Paris. They also received Best Overall and Master of Bump & Grind in the 2020 BurlyPicks Croatia competition.  Lacy performs genderbending draglesque as the debonair drag king/draglesque persona, Nick Lacy as well.

Lacy is also the producer, artistic director, and writer of the world's sexiest literary salon, Booklover’s Burlesque, as well as other Lacy Productions' such as MasterTease Theatre Burlesque, Burly Night Live: A Tribute to Saturday Night Live, Tease As Old As Time: A Tale Inspired by Beauty & the Beast, The Burlesque Over Broadway Spectacular, Glitter Fever: A Burlesque Tribute to Disco, Phantom Burlesque: A Tribute to Phantom of the Opera, Storylesque: A Storytelling & Burlesque Medley, Cabaret des Arts: A Fusion of Visual Arts & Burlesque, The Bitch is Back: A Burlesque Tribute to Elton John,  A Burly Carol: A Tale Inspired by A Christmas Carol, CinemaLesque: A Tribute to Classic Hollywood, co-produced the entertainment for Magical Beats: A 1920's Evening in the Wizarding World & The Enchanted Forest Ball for the Time Traveler's Costume Guid, and created the pre-show for the Experience Theatre Project's "The Rise of Houdini" and "The Witching Hour."  

During our Quarantine time, Lacy curates the Booklover's Burlesque: Bedtime Stories Series on YouTube page and at website, bringing international  burlesque, drag, theatre, and literary arts communities together to bring joy, pleasure, and empowerment for our audience during this time.  They also directed and curated the virtual artist salon Le Chat Noir Moderne with the Experience Theatre Project as well co-produced THROUGH THE AETHER: A Virtual Vaudevillian Cabaret and RHINESTONE THE VOTE.


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