Sept. 23, 2020

Pony Pod - A Traveling Performers Podcast featuring Nell Fox

Pony Pod - A Traveling Performers Podcast featuring Nell Fox

Multi-talented Nell Fox sits down with MJ to discuss life as an ex-pat in Seoul, performing in & marketing shows in an extremely conservative country with the first burlesque troupe in Korea WhiteLies BurlesqueRevue, her voiceover work and that time she was flown half way around the world to have her boobs featured in someone's wedding album, even though at first she thought they were joking.

Nell Fox is a Burlesque pioneer in Korea. She founded, leads and directs the country’s first ever burlesque troupe: WhiteLies BurlesqueRevue. She has educated, instructed, and coached nearly 100 performers in “The Art of the Tease” and is the founding and leading influence and inspiration behind any burlesque troupes and events in Korea. With a decade of experience under her belt, she is the most experienced burlesque performer in the country. 

She produced and performed in over 31 burlesque shows in 2019 alone, and her team continues to fund raise for a multitude of charities. They also have performed across the country in Seoul, Pyeontaek, Osoan, Pohang, Daegu, Daejeon, Busan, and more.

Through her vision, she also is the first to bring in international burlesque performers and host Korea's first-ever burlesque festival, complete with complex shows and workshops!

Nell herself has also performed burlesque internationally in Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Bangkok, and the Dominican Republic.


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