Oct. 28, 2020

Pony Pod - A Traveling Performers Podcast featuring Nocturness

Pony Pod - A Traveling Performers Podcast featuring Nocturness

New Zealand avant-garde performance artist Nocturness talks to MJ about her conceptual pieces, how personal her acts are to her, making her audience think, creating the incredibly inclusive event in Auckland Nocturne Sanctum, her travels in several genres, how they both met at the New Zealand Burlesque Festival and the power of Art.

Performance artist Nocturness is unsettlingly sexy with her Avant-garde style of burlesque.

Her ritualistic stage presence and abstract imagery derive from emotional, personal experience plucked from the very depth of her soul. Confronting as she may be, her primary motivation is not to disturb or offend you, but to use her flesh vessel as an outlet for her inner psyche.

Having a background in theatre, classical ballet, and modern types of dance, Nocturness is no stranger to the stage. 

Though she hit the stage with dance at age 5, Nocturness' professional performance career began as a dancer and teacher for one of her home town dance studios.

She later played mentor in the art of tease. From helping beginners find their feet, to assisting performers fine tune routines. Her 7-year long carrier in the adult entertainment industry let her discover and explore human behavior on an unprecedented level. With those tools, she had the crowed eating out of the palm of her hand nightly.

In 2016 Nocturness founded ‘Nocturne Sanctum’ wherein she directs and produces Avant-Garde performane events.

To see a group of performers and spectators come together to explore their vessel and express their psyche, and to celebrate, pay homage and make offering to the muses and deities absolutely stirs her soul. She thrives of helping to create a safe space for people to exercise (spelling "mistake" intended!) their demons.

At the very least, she hopes she’ll make you THINK.





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