Feb. 24, 2021

Pony Pod - A Traveling Performers Podcast Featuring Pony Poison

Pony Pod - A Traveling Performers Podcast Featuring Pony Poison

Tune in as MJ sits down with Pony Poison to discuss her love of ballet, how she ended up in Vegas, being a published author, randomly seeing a sign for a pole class, and how a Tinder date ended up becoming her first burlesque experience. Did you know a stage pole is 'like being the tuba in band'? Listen in to find out why.

Pony hails from Chicago, IL where she grew up studying ballet, acting and drawing. After moving to Vegas in 2006, she traded her pointe shoes in for pole dancing heels and fell in love with the art form. Becoming a member of the pole community lead to joining the circus community thru studying aerial arts. After performing as a variety pole act in a number of burlesque shows, Pony was booked for a burlesque gig where her pole wouldn’t fit (literally). She saw the need to create other styles of acts and thus began her love affair with chair dancing and a more classic burlesque style. This style is currently her signature though she still performs burlesque pole acts (she calls it “burlypole”) whenever she can. 

And, yes, Pony is her real name.






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